Apr 24, 2010

You had me at HELLO.


This isn't starting very well... I mean, that title. That has to be one of the corniest "best movie lines" ever, I didn't like Jerry Maguire and the way Renee Zelweger delivers that line is just annoying (sorry). But I just had this idea about three minutes ago that it would be cool if every title was a line from a movie. I know, not very original. Oh well.

Where was I? Right. Something about a weak start. Hmm. Still agree. I think I'll get to the point now.


Today, after watching American Idol (they sang Elvis songs, ah!), I sat here on my bed and didn't know what to do. I'm still recovering from a pleasant and thoroughly joyfull stomack bug, so no Saturday Night Fever tonight. (Hmm. I just managed to include another possible title for this entry. Again, one I don't like. Ha! This really is going well.) So I pondered my options: put on a movie, kill time in Facebook, or do something new. Well, I already watched one movie today, and am not quite ready to move on yet (a bit sad, in a embarassing kind of way. You'll know what I mean soon.), so after killing a few precious minutes in Facebook, I... well. I started a blog, obviously. I'm really not sure why, but it just seemed like a good way to spend this Saturday night. I like writing, and I've kept an online journal for many years, but I wanted something different. Since I like movies, too, a movie blog seemed appropriate. Now, I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to tell anyone I know about this blog - I kind of like this feeling of absolute anonymity. The problem arising is, of course, who the h*ll is going to read this blog then?? And... Yeah. Don't know. I'm kind of hoping that someone would miraculously find this blog from the haystack of blogs and then more and more people would come and read my blog and finally some cool magazine or something would hire me. Ha ha. Well, it was quite stupid to say that aloud! Oh well, if there's one thing you should know about me... I am a SUCKER for stupid dreams that never come true! They are quite nice. Even if they didn't come true.

Well well well, look at me go. Sometimes it is too nice to talk about myself. Here's a few more things I'd like to say before... well, I don't know.

  • For some reason, I wanted to write in English. As it isn't my native language, please forgive me for making mistakes and spelling like a first grader and time to time, I'm sure, creating new words in English language. You're welcome, the pleasure is all mine. Oh, and feel free to correct me. As someone who studies the language, I'll appreaciate it.
  • I forgot what else I had to say.
  • Oh right. Like I said, I INTEND to write about movies, but remembering that might become an unbearable challenge. Sometimes writing about the diet of my roommate's cat feels extremely significant. (What the * was wrong with that slimy meat thingy I gave you this morning, huh? ... Oh, boy, I should probably feed you again soon. Whoops. I'm an excellent catsitter, yes.
  • That should probably be it, for now, I quite like the cat and don't want to starve her too much.

Oh oh oh! The cat can wait a little longer (hopefully...), because I forgot to tell you the epic story behing the name of this blog. So. The first name option was very forrestgump-y: "A Box of Chocolates"... taken. The second one was something silly like "A Chocolate Box", but thankfully that was taken, too. Then I remembered that one awesome ad they showed before trailers in cinemas, in England, couple of years ago. Some car ad, I think, and it's kind of a parody of Forrest Gump. A guy sits on a bench and says to another guy: "Life is like chocolate - playing ping-pong, becoming a hero and running a lot!" For some reason it cracked me up every time. Haha. Still does. So, the last touch was to loose the last 'e' of chocolate and to make the first 'c' a capital letter. Why? You know Chocolat, right? Lots and lots of chocolate, imaginary kangaroos and one very charming Johnny Depp fixing doors? One of those stupid dreams I have and am so fond of, is to be an owner of a chocolate boutique. (I'll take the Johnny Depp, too, please.) And wouldn't it be nice if life was like Chocolat? Or any movie, really? Would it? I haven't quite decided yet.

Only one more thing before that cat gets her dinner. Godfather makes me sleepy. The first one, I mean. I wouldn't know about the rest, haven't seen them. One of my eternal projects.

Ps. (Had to write ps, because I already said, "only one more thing".) Even if I didn't have you at hello, I hope didn't loose you just there. I will probably at some point write about the complex relationship between me and Godfather. But not now. I think the cat is so hungry she began to eat that slimy meat thingy from this morning.

Pps. Bummer! (I love Skins, by the way.) I meant to write about that sad/embarassing movie experince I had today. Aaargh...... Alright, after the cat, girl!

Ppps. I almost begin to annoy myself, too.

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Leena said...

Voi juma! Ahaa-elämys! Luin kyllä tämän viestin ja blogin nimen tarinan ennemminkin, mutta nyt vasta tajusin tuon alaotsikon.