Apr 27, 2010

On my mark... unleash Hell.

The time has come. I'm going to give the address of this blog to some people, and doing so I'm officially ending this scizophrenic era of monologing! It's been great, really great, and I'd like to thank the one person who made it all possible: me. Thank you, thank you for having too much spare time and being so talented at jabbering away for no real purpose whatsoever. I'd like to dedicate this moment to myself, and also congratulate myself for making this hard, demanding choice. Not everyone needs so much self-encouraging and reassuring before doing something so frightening and reckless as letting someone to read your blog. Thank you, Academy.

Enough sarcasm, hmm? Yeah, I think so too. Here's a lovely little piece of dialogue from a lovely little tv show called the O.C., which I think is somehow comparable to this moment.

"Sometimes I think you talk just to make noise."
"Well, sometimes I do."

Ps. Don't you like my choice of title? I think that line from The Gladiator was a nice touch, not that I think letting people to read this blog has anything to do with unleashing hell.

Pss. Hmh. Yeah, I'm definitely a bit too dramatic. Some people just create blogs specifically for others to read, can you imagine that??

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