Apr 25, 2010

Dear John

It is the morning after the evening I had a sudden idea to start writing a movie blog. The idea seems even weirder now, since I'm still not going to tell anyone I know about it, or advertise it in any way. So, I'm very aware that, quite possibly, I'll be dancing with myself (I like Glee, too! And in case I'm the only one here, I'll be dancing with myself is the name of a song they perform on the show). And it's okay, you know! A bit stupid, yes, but hey - I'm a sucker for little stupidities! I don't know how long I'll keep writing here, and how often, and whether at some point I give up one of my wonderfully stupid dreams and tell someone about this. Maybe I get bored and need someone to dance with.

So, yesterday I mentioned this movie I watched and felt embarrased because I wasn't ready to move on yet. It is silly and a bit lame that the first movie I write about in my awesome movie blog is a silly and a bit lame wannabe-tearjerker, which I didn't even like that much. It should have been some life-changing movie experience that inspired me to start writing and sharing my thoughts to the world...! Oh well. You can't have it all.

Oh, and the cat is still alive.

Dear John (2010)

Directed by Lasse Hallström. Starring Amanda Seyfield, Channing Tatum.

Long story short: A young soldier on leave falls in love with a girl. And then he has to go back. Let the correspondance begin!

I honestly didn't expect much of this movie. Since it's based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, I expected an easy, predictable plot, larger than life love, bad-boys-gone-good and some melodramatic heartbreaks. I've seen two movies based on Sparks's novels, I think, The Notebook (blah, I don't get the hype) and A Walk to Remember (another blah, slightly smaller though, because this one is not so hyped). These films are good for a certain kind of mood, exactly that kind I had yesterday. They don't require you to think too much, or to invest yourself to the story or the characters. Easy, careless pastime, in other words.

I was slightly surprised by the plot of Dear John. Sure, it had all the Sparks elements: sweet pretty girl, tough handsome boy, sudden earth-shattering love and the heartbreaking twist that is supposed to make us girls weep like... well, girls. The first half of the film was just this, same old same old. I rolled my eyes, when in the prologue (Tatum's character, what's his name... John! Oh god, right. You genious.) John's voiceover says something like: "You wanna know the last thing that went through my mind before I blacked out? You." Yeah, boo hoo. BUT. This time it didn't go exactly the way I predicted. The movie got better towards the end. It did move me at times, and so help me god but I kind of felt their pain! And one scene between John and his dad actually watered my eyes! Heja Sverige! (Sorry.) Even the horrible cheesy line from the prologue wasn't so cheesy after all. And I kind of liked the ending. And I like Amanda Seyfield's hair. If you read this, send it to me, please. I didn't hate Channing Tatum. The autistic boy was very cute. Lasse Hallström directed Chocolat, too, so a few extra points there. I'm kind of jealous of the Swedes. They have Stellan Skarsgård. Anyway.

To be honest, I will probably never watch Dear John again, but it fitted well in my Saturday. So, if you sometimes have a Saturday in your hands, you're recovering from a stomach bug, are not looking for life altering experiences and want to look at beautiful people, you might as well give Dear John a go. I liked it more than The Notebook. And I definetely need to try that thumb trick next time I see a moon around here. Oh, and why wasn't ready to move on? It set me to this mood. I couldn't have watched anything too different right after.

"No matter where you are, the moon is never bigger than your thumb."

Now. I have a deadline approaching, so next I'll spend some quality time with my essay. And I think tonight is a movie night. I'll report back to you. So...

See you soon then!

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