Nov 3, 2011

Three months of A Clockwork Orange

 August 28

10:10 I just realized that August is almost over, so I better get on with the New Year resolution project. Surprisingly I found A Clockwork Orange on Netflix, hurrah. I'd really have so many other things to do, school-related, mostly, but I think I can afford one morning... It's a good cause, really.

10:18 I am more than a bit concerned about how I will react to Clockwork. I don't really like violence, or too violent movies. This might be a bit too controversial for me. I'm hoping to prove myself wrong so I could seem like a cool stud or something, but we'll see.

10:23 So, I have my brownies. I have my socks and a hoodie and a blanket. Yes, it might be a hundred degreed outside, but thanks to the AC, it's a freaking Siperia inside. I will do my best to get something out of the next two hours. Here we go. Play.

10:25 I suddenly want some milk with my brownies. Otherwise, that's one creepy opening.

10:29 No. Stop the violence.

10:37 Oh for god's sake, if it's going to be just this for two hours, I'd rather do some school work...

10:57 I hope this is going somewhere. There has to be some point, right?

11:11 I think I'll have a break. It might be going somewhere, after all, but still, enough for now.

October 27

20:18 Hehe. That's what we call a break. Oh well. I waded through 44 minutes last time, let's see how long it will take this time before I'll get enough of the violence. First, can't do this without popcorn.

20:23 I have no recollection whatsoever of what's happening in this movie. I just remember the mindless violence. Oh, popcorn's ready! I put too much salt in them. Oh well. Let's go. It'll only hurt a while. And I'm not talking about the salt.

21:14 I'm doing quite well, am I not? Need to have a little break anyway. I'm still not loving it. Or in it, so to speak. 2/3 done, one more third to go...

November 2

21:29 I'm determined to finish this bitch, today! There's only about half and hour to go, so I will succeed, just wait and see! I don't have any popcorn. Boo hoo.

21:39 Aw, violence. Lovely.

22:12 Thank god, now it's over. That wasn't so bad! Only took me three months!

I did not like this movie. I didn't get what the point was. I just know that there was a lot of pointless violence and other disgusting stuff, and I didn't get the point. You know, narrow mind and all that. Anyway, the important thing is, now it's over and done with and I never have to see it again. Over and out.

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