Nov 4, 2011

Blade Runner: a report

15:15 My ability to concentrate has been so poor recently that I'm quite positive I won't be able sit these two hours through without a break or two. The interesting part is, how many hours/days/months will these breaks last?

Anyway. On with the New Year resolution! I'm behind, but attempting to catch up. The film of September was Blade Runner, so here we go. I'm watching the theatrical cut, because that's on Netflix. Don't know if it differs from the other cuts. I'm just hoping that Harrison Ford will be enough to keep me interested, because I just checked and apparently he's in this one. And I know this is science fiction, so I am not nearly as certain that I will hate what I'll see as I was last month. Yay?

15:20 No snacks. Damn! Will have to do without. Let's get to it, then!

16:14 I'm in danger of falling asleep, but it's not necessarily the film's fault. The film's okay. I'm just a bit disorientated, as recently I've developed a freaky need for afternoon naps, which I never had before. I had to check out the film plot summary on IMDb to get my head around what's going on. I think I've got it now. On with the show!

17:45 I unvolunteeringly took a nap. Hope this is not becoming a habit.

18:33 Well, I did it! And it only took three hours and one nap! Quite a great performance of myself, I must say.

The film, then. Again, not my kind of film, but I didn't loathe it. The idea was very clever and fascinating, but I wasn't that much into the way they told the story. The film didn't keep a hold of me, and it wasn't just because I was so sleepy. Though that didn't do much good, either. And what was that 'epic' final battle all about? Blade RUNNER indeed; Harrison just kept running and running like a whimpy little boy. No no no. I like him badass and cocky.

This is a pathetic little post, but let's just look at it as a report. Another overrated classic down, two more to go and then I'm again on schedule!

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