Nov 14, 2011

The Hunger Games, official trailer, finally!

Oh, how we've been waiting for this one! All I was hoping for it was Peeta and goosebumps, and I got both. And more! I love the look of it, I think they got it absolutely right, both District 12 and The Capitol, and what we see of the Arena. Brilliant! And it's full of little details I love, like Peeta's hair in the reaping scene, and the train that speeds through the woods, and Effie's ridiculous outfit. This is going to be great. This is definitely on the top of my Most Anticipated Films of 2012. Or actually, on the top of my Most Anticipated Anythings of 2012. I have a feeling it'll blow my mind.

Watch it here, too.


Reta said...

Itsekin olin ihan tyytyväinen traileriin, varsinkin Capitolaisten vaatteisiin ja aksentteihin, niissä oli hienosti tuotu esiin se kuinka kaikkien mielestä ne olivat ihan kummia xD

Marja said...

I'm so HAPPY! Totally different from the disappointing teaser they gave us in the end of August.

Eeva said...

Reta: Kontrasti District 12:n ja Capitolin välillä on niin karu, mutta samalla niin visuaalisesti herkullinen!

Marja: Yes! That teaser was ridiculous.