Jul 12, 2011

It all ends... tonight

Click below to join me on a trip down the most magical memory lane ever.

P.S. It's a long one.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 / 2010 / one year ago

Bill and Fleur's pink-ish wedding

Oh how I love those lingering looks...

The Tale of the Three Brothers aka a lesson on why Invisibility Cloaks rock

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / 2009 / two years ago

Bellatrix and Snape scheming more or less dark deeds

Pondering over the troubles of young love

Pondering over the troubles of joining the family business

"Why is he always covered in blood?"

The falling hero

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / 2007 / four years ago

It's tough being Harry Potter: you have to fight the Dark Arts on your summer holidays, too

When there were two...

The queen hag

Luna making some magic happen

Harry and Cho making some magic happen

Well ain't someone looking good possessed

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire / 2005 / six years ago

The Goblet goes crazy

Before it became uncool to be on Team Cedric

A time when all the hairdressers in the world had gone AWOL

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / 2004 / seven years ago

Hagrid taking a dip in the Hogwarts Lake

"Oh my god, I've killed Harry Potter!"

A shoulder to cry on (aww)

A class reunion from hell

Snape being awesome

My favourite picture of Dan Radcliffe as Harry. Aww, bless him.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / 2002 / nine years ago

Rupert and Dan giving their best 'surprised' faces, and Hedwig, possibly turned into a toy

This is why I'd like to marry Rupert Grint (the present version of him, though, just to be clear)

The creepy Chamber

Why does the Dark Side always have to be so good-looking?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone / 2001 / ten freaking years ago

Please let me be a Gryffindor so that I can be totally awesome like my friends

The two biggest bad-asses at Hogwarts

The best thing Quidditch gave to the world: Oliver Wood

A family reunion no 1

Now go back to the beginning and see what they look like now

One more thing. Good luck holding back those tears...

Thanks again, Jo. It's been one hell of a ride.


Noora said...

Oh no, I'm crying again. :D This is just getting worse. Last night I had trouble falling asleep because I had been reading Deathly Hallows so I kept bursting into tears all the time. Well, maybe I will calm down after I see the freaking movie?

Eeva said...

:D:D Nooraaaaaaaaa... Just came back from the cinema. Not as much crying as I expected!

bubble said...

Oh dear. Lovely pictures, although they surely make tears creep into my eyes! ;__;

Eeva said...

It's only normal! And healthy. Or unavoidable, at least...