May 15, 2011

A Comeback Attempt 2.0.

A quote from my last post I wrote on April 28th:

"P.S. Can I begin my Wappu now? The exam book says no. Everything and everyone else says yes. I'm confused!"

Well, I did begin my Wappu pretty much right after posting that, and even though the party went on a few days longer than planned (which was just awesome, I love when things go so not according to plan!), I can't really blame it for my weeks of absence. And I don't think there's really a need to blame something or someone, there's just been a lot of things to do and think about and get your head distracted with. This is now my second comeback attempt (first one was right after my Wappu but I never finished that post) and I'm not saying I'll be super productive from here on (because there are still a lot things and thoughts and distractions), but I'll do my best not to appear dead.

A random and shamelessly unrelated picture of a flying Darren Criss. I needed a picture and this is what I first found. Let's just say, for example, that this symbolizes me jumping back in the game, to the blogging front, full of glee and ideas and enthusiasm! ... No, let's just be honest and say that I just love to look at him.


Reta said...

Best picture ever

Eeva said...

Pretty much!