May 21, 2011

8½ (1963) - proper post coming up (in approx. 20 yrs)

directed by Federico Fellini / starring Marcello Mastroianni, Anouk Aimée, Sandra Milo

is part 5/12 of my resolution for 2011.

Let's just be honest from the start. This will be a very lousy, short and futile post. I had an early lecture today and an exhausting exam right after and then I came home and thought I'd watch the classic of May, which I kind of knew to be a bad idea but I went for it anyway. Like half way through I took a nap. The game was lost long before the nap, but that sealed it. I was in no mood for artistic Italian movies, and I doubt there would've been a more suitable moment later this month. Or this year. Or this decade?

I didn't hate it, alright. It was much lighter and much less high-brow than I expected. I saw that it's very well made and at times I thought "this would be so cool if I wasn't so damn bored". It's not a bad film, it's just not for me at not, especially not right now. When I wasn't falling asleep I felt restless and the rapid and loud Italian jabber made my head hurt so I had to turn the volume down.

So, May on this noble mission of 2011 was not my proudest moment. I'd call it a fail. A big fat fail. Which is why hereby promise that I'll watch again within the following twenty years and then maybe write an actual post with actual thoughts about the film in it. Wouldn't hold your breath, though.

P.S. Guido reminded me a lot of Colin Firth in A Single Man, with those glasses and all.

P.P.S. Guido's last name is Anselmi! How did I manage to miss this funny fact up till now? Maybe has something to do with the fact that I slept through most of the film, or something, hmm...?

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