Apr 24, 2011

A year in a life: Life is like Chocolat turns one!

Exactly one year ago it was a Saturday. The day was coming to an end and I didn't mind, as it was one of those less fun and exciting Saturday nights; I was still recovering from a particularly nasty stomach bug and I had no other company than my flatmate's cat (which I almost forgot to feed as the night went on). So, I was pondering over my options: I could kill some more time aimlessly wondering around the wonderful world of internet (meaning: updating my Facebook homepage), or pop on some movie of the same level of quality as the one I'd seen before that day (Dear John), or... maybe I could create a blog?

So I did, and 365 days and 208 posts later... it's a Sunday night and I just watched The Last Song. As you can see, I've come a long way. Haha. No, but I actually watched it on purpose today, kind of to celebrate the occasion. Maybe I'm beginning a tradition here! ... One twisted and lousy tradition it would be though, because I've never been too fond of Nicholas Sparks and the films adapted from his books - kind of the opposite. Shame it was indeed a Sparks movie I happened to watch on the day I created my blog, and not one of those extremely highbrow and intellectual art house films I usually watch every night. Ahem.

I also wistfully gave up the pink-ish Chaplin layout, and returned to the roots of the blog, so to speak. For the first time, the banner matches the name of the blog, and I quite like this new look. (Not sure about the font, yet, we'll see if I'll get used to it...) Also, I recreated my first profile picture ever. I kind of wish I'd saved pictures of the various layouts my blog has been through during its first year, because they've indeed been quite various. And varying of quality, too, haha.

Blogging has become a dear hobby for me. Though recently life has all too frequently been getting in the way of the whole blogging business, this is still an activily I choose to spend some of my time with, even when it's scarce. (Yeah yeah, I should definitely be studying for an exam right now. In a minute...) Reading other (movie) blogs is also not only entertaining, but also helpful in stretching that Must See list on and on and on and on. I can honestly say blogging has inspired me to watch more movies both in number and variety.

So finally, I'd like to thank every single person who has ever read my blog, especially those who take time to comment once in a while! I'd probably keep doing this without no readers at all (it's been quite therapeutic, really, and fun!), but of course, knowing there's someone to share your thoughts with is more than motivating and makes it worthwhile.

So, thanks, y'all! You rock! Virtual drinks all around! Let's keep blogging! ^^


Pia said...

Happy b-day to your blog! Have you ever thought how many years there could be ahead? xD hihi!
Quite a hobby we have

Paivi [Elokuvablogi.com] said...

Happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...


Eeva said...

Thanks, everyone! ^^ And Pia, quite a hobby indeed... :D

Anonymous said...

Aaaawww, thank YOU for blogging, girl! And keep doign it, your posts are a delight. Happy (belated) birthday~

(Btw, I almost remember how I ended up reading your blog.. I think it was River. How lovely <3)

Eeva said...

Aw, thanks, you just made me smile! ^^

(Oh, River! <3)