Aug 6, 2011

I'm off to see America, the wonderful United States of America

 Hehe, can't get enough of these Wizard of Oz references. But hell, it's not like I'm leaving to live in Kansas every day, so I will definitely milk everything out of this situation. So I'm leaving for Helsinki early tomorrow morning, and then it's Chicago, Kansas City and Emporia. I'm flying back on 19th of December. So, I'll see you guys on Christmas!

...Not really, though. Sure, I hopefully don't have much time to watch movies and write about them, but I think you'll hear from me every now and then, anyway. And, if you find yourself missing me so much you can hardly bear it, you can always go check out my new blog, Somewhere Over The Rainbow (told you I'm a sucker for WoO references... I'm afraid they don't end in the blog title), where I will (hopefully) actively report the latest turns of my adventure.

Bye then, for now. Pitäkää Suomi pystyssä! ^^

(And just because it's now stuck on my head, and it'd be only fair if it was stuck on yours, too...)


bubble said...

Awww, megaihanaa aikaa rapakon toisella puolen!! Ihan sen kunniaksi kirjoitan kommentin äidinkielellämme ;) Ja merkkaan SOTR'n Blogloviniin.

Eeva said...

Kiitos. ^^ Seikkailu on ainakin lähtenyt käyntiin aivan mahtavasti, tulee varmasti ikimuistoinen syksy! :)

Marja said...

Bon voyage! Sano terkut Totolle!

Eeva said...

Merci! Ja todellakin sanon ;)