May 28, 2012

Jedward, the new happy pill

Hi, my name is Eeva and I am currently writing my first and second-to-last essay of the semester. Oh and I am also studying so hard for my one last exam. I'm the best student.

Ok, first, I don't know how I managed to avoid writing a single academic essay this year until now. Well, I do know that the first deadline for those essays was about a month ago. Second, I really was writing the first essay, but then I though I'd just quickly stop by in YouTube and listen to that one track that was stuck in my head, and then continue. Oh well. (Third, I've been spelling 'essay' 'essey', until I just noticed something fishy and fixed it. But only after checking the dictionary. It's really been a while since I've written proper English. This post must be full of all kinds of lovely typos. Enjoy!)

So yeah, here I am, writing a post about Jedward instead. Haha. Be proud of me. Who or what the hell is Jedward, you say? I don't disapprove. If you were enthusiastically watching the Eurovision Song Contest either this year or last year, you probably have an idea what I'm talking about, but if no, you're bound to be just as clueless as I was until last Tuesday when I was watching the first semifinal with my friend. I've traditionally had very little interest towards the said competition, and I think this was actually the first time I ever watched both of the semi-finals AND the main show. I don't own a TV but my friend does and since she lives across the street we've taken on a habit of hanging out in her place, watching all kinds of crap television has to offer. Good times!

Anyways, we were watching the semi-final, and first I of course got my mind blown away by the Russian grannies. Seriously, they are the most endearing thing ever! I just kept laughing and smiling like an idiot. Let me also say that my other favourites were Turkey (that boat, hahahaha, brilliant) and Estonia (not only because the language always sounds so funny), and that will be the end of the Eurovision discussion.

(This does not technically count as Eurovision discussion, because it's leading to something else.) So, then Ireland came on, and I remembered the jumping twins from last year (I must have been watching at least with one eye, then) and I thought they were really fun. Incredibly cheesy British pop! Whoo! Love it! Still, I wouldn't be writing this post now, had we not found our way to YouTube and stumbled across this following clip. (The description says: "This may change your life." So I was warned, right? Hahaha...)

It's a different thing watching these boys (ok, I guess they're technically men, but with that behavior, I don't think we can talk about anything else but little boys, bless them) perform and watching them talk. Jedward (it's John and Edward, by the way, in case you didn't know, and I don't see why you would know) performing is fun and catchy, but Jedward talking is just... well. First I was like what the hell, and then I laughed my ass off. The way they talk is incredibly annoying, and I don't know where all that energy and ridiculousness and all those childish jokes come from and why it never stops, but oh my god, they are also so freaking adorable. So, after this video there were a lot more videos, and they have made my week a lot better and crazier and all kinds of silly.

Jedward begun their journey to fame in Britain's X-Factor. They were called John and Edward back then, but the pair took in the new name when their fans came up with it. And now here they are, if not a world-wide then at least Europe-wide phenomenon, also referred to as Jedmania. Maybe they are not quite like The Beatles yet, but can't blame them for not trying.

In recent years I have most often gotten obsessed with things that are fun and happy (with the exception of The Hunger Games, which definitely isn't either), most notably Glee. Glee has been my number one happy pill for years now, and Jedward has had a very similar effect on me. I know it's not great art, I know it's stupid and silly and they can't even sing that well (quoting Simon Cowell, "it's not right, but it's okay"), I know this is not something a cool, self-respecting 23-year-old university student would freely admit to like, but luckily I've never considered myself particularly cool or anything. Also, I won't be 23 for another week, so I'm completely off the hook.

Seriously though, it's both understandable and sad that they've got a lot negative attention, and hateful comments online, á la Twilight and Justin Bieber, etc. It's unsurprising that they do, them being two young, extremely cute blonds, who dress in funny clothes and wear make-up and tons of hair product, and make gloriously cheesy pop music and do equally cheesy dance routines, love Britney Spears, and talk in funny, feminine voices, and act nothing like cool studs in their twenties should. Girls love them, and for some reason people have a need to dis everything that gets too much love from young females. Haters gonna hate. There will always be idiots, and unfortunately the YouTube era gives them an unreasonably loud voice.

Idiots aside, I have nothing but love and some eye rolling to give to these young men. They are a pair of kids who obviously have a tremendous blast doing what they are doing, and who happen to get along so freaking well. And it's a twin thing. There's just something about twins. They are a bit like real-life Fred and George. They wouldn't be nearly as much fun if there were only one of them. They seem to absorb most of their energy and their comedy from each other, and it's actually pretty damn sweet.

Obviously this cannot last forever, because 1) at some point the joke will get old, and 2) sooner or later everyone grows up. It's just interesting to see whether the first one will be me, John or Edward. Until then, here's a selection of photos and videos and quotes. If I was fourteen I totally would've decorated my room with pictures of Edward by now. Shame I'm not!

Just because I can't resist a little Single Ladies action.

It's just chaotic and makes no sense at all. I always found sense kind of overrated.
All of these Big Brother clips are freakishly entertaining. But seriously, I feel sorry for the poor woman who had to raise these little rascals. I would lose my nerves in ten minutes if I was locked in the same space with them. Haha.
Just an interview. But they are all so freaking hilarious. And the accent. Oh, the accent. The way they speak is so contagious, like what the hell guys, seriously, it's like crazy, okay, and like totally cool.

Ok, so. This is only the most adorable thing ever and my poor little heart melts like a popsicle in Sahara every time I watch this. "I'm not twins."

They are like two male Lady Gagas. And this song is so incredibly catchy. It's 11pm and I want to turn the volume up up up and dance like crazy and sing along and get evicted for being a bad neighbor.

So cheesy, but doesn't it just make you wish you were a twin? Catch the peace, and the love.


E: Our favourite thing about Eurovision is... we get to use foreign toilets.

E: It's good to treat girls like equals. I think it'd be cool to be in a relationship like they have in High School Musical!

Interviewer: "What will happen when the two of you get married, will you see each other as much?"
"We cant get married because we're brothers."

J: Someone said we aren't twins. We are.

E: Once I was like 'Look, John, that's you on TV!' Then I realised... it was me...

J:  The only people, ok, who don't know who me and Edward are, ok, are all the new babies who've been born.

J: Get real okay, Spice Girls were the best. They're at like the top of the food chain.

J: Justin Timberlake would play me when I'm older and Britney Spears when I'm younger, because she kind of looks like us.
E:  I'd have Macaulay Culkin or Helen Mirren if she shaves her hair off. Morgan Freeman could play me as an old man.

J: Why do you think we're AC/DC?

E: A lot of fans call me John and say, "I am a big fan," I don't turn around and say, "You are wrong".

 E: It's kinda cool to be crazy.

J: I know that we're not these major opera singers or whatever.

E: I don't want to spend the rest of my life on the left, like what's going on on the right?

E: Saying “I wanna get wastedis so immature. Like, if you're drinking loads you're gonna be sitting at a table and sayingooh I need to go to the bathroomevery five minutes and that will seriously cut into your dancing time.

E: I'd build an Egyptian pyramid in the UK and live in it. Then we'd get world peace by pulling a giant magnet across the world to suck up all the guns.

Lots and lots more here. Again, freakishly entertaining, and makes you smile, so much.


Ha, the hair. It goes forever on and on.

They photograph so well. And there's two of them, which makes it kind of unfair. Haha.

If I'd seen these photos last week, I would've thought, "models, identical models, ew".

When you can tell them apart, feel free to congratulate yourself. A good rule of thumb is that Edward is usually on the left. Haha. And in the videos he's the one who talks less. You know, he's the shy one. Haha again.

High five! I'm going to teach this to my nephew next. He's already mastered high-fiving, now we'll take it to the next level and add the jump.

So serious! I said earlier that Jedward performing is one thing and Jedward singing is another, but I guess Jedward posing for the camera is a whole other thing, too.

Twins is fun.

And that's the end of my jepic Jedward post. I'll publish it and then grown a few years back up. Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic - you write wonderfully. Thankyou from a Jedward fan.

Anonymous said...

it is great. Maybe you are interested to know that many Jedward fans/supporter are older than 25 years old (many are older than 30/40 years old, they have even some grannys as fans)and we all don´t want to grown up and to lose the fun. Jedward are fun and they make us happy no matter how old we are.

Anonymous said...

I actually need my fix of Jedward every day and I'm in my 40's!! I have teenage kids who love them too and think they are HOT! For me, they truly are my happy pills. They exude positive energy. They make me smile. They get so much crap thrown their way but somehow they shine on through. As crazy as it sounds I take my inspiration from them. Someone needs to bottle what they have and distribute it across the world. Imagine how happy and positive the world would be :)

Anonymous said...

40 year old Jedward fan here. They are my happy place.

Anonymous said...

This was a great read. It brought back so many memories from when I got hooked to the twins last year after Eurovision. If you need more videos to watch, you should watch their YT videos on JedwardTV. Edward edits them and is actually really talented at it. Another good one to watch is Jedward Let Loose. It helped me learn more about their personalities (which they are quite different from each other) and how to tell them apart. Oh and btw I'm in my 20's, the fandom consists of all age ranges :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am in my 30's and they are my daily happy pill too - my guardian angels and my heroes! Seriously...they substitute for therapy and/or medication, since I have been having a really bad year dealing with grief, loss, work stress etc...they help me keep it all together and look on the bright side. The twins are such sunny sweet lovely and loving kids - I hope they never lose that sense of being so happy at small, normal things - and hope we dont either :)

Erika said...

Hahaha this was absolutely hilarious, aren't you happy I (almost) introduced you to Jedward! This is exactly what I was doing last year this time, I must continue...

ps. Perfect description of our favourite pastime :D

Eeva said...

Thanks guys, for reading and commenting! I don't think I've ever had so much traffic in my little blog. ;) (I have to share this: I never sing in the shower, but I just took one and was singing the chorus of Waterline the whole time. Poor flatmates, maybe I should learn the lyrics to the rest of the song, too, so they won't be bored next time...)

Anonymous1 (sorry for calling you with such a rude name :D): Aw, thanks right back at you, from another Jedward fan! If it's appropriate to call myself a fan yet. I'm not sure when it's starts to be okay to call yourself a fan.

Anonymous2: I AM interested to know that! That's exactly the kind of granny that I want to be. Age is just a number, grannies deserve some fun, too.

Anonymous3: Word! Well said :) And yay! I will be very happy if some day I'll have teenage kids myself, and they are into something as cool and healthy and happy as Jedward!

Anonymous4: Yay, again! That's so great.

Anonymous5: Thank you! :) And thanks for the tips, I actually started watching Let Loose today. Way to avoid writing those essays...

Anonymous6: That's so wonderful! And I agree, they seem to have some mysterious healing powers. Take care :)

Erika: I think I owe you one. ;D And I was just thinking, the "special something" of my last Vaasa day tomorrow could be just what we've been doing for the past couple of months. Is there anything crappy on TV on Wednesdays?

Erika said...

OMG Suomi-tytöt New Yorkissa is on, it's a deal! :D

Eeva said...

Haha, whoo! I'll bring the chocolate.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I'm 33 and I love Jedward, they're just nutty and hilarious. I love the "Styling" video where Edward sticks crystals all over John's clothes.