Dec 30, 2011

The first and last time I saw Goodfellas

21:29 Since there is three days left in the year 2011, and three films yet to be watched in my New Year Resolution project, I thought now might be a good time to get busy. The film of October was Goodfellas, so here we go. I don't think it is a very good scenario to begin watching a movie feeling certain that you will hate it, but I'm kind of getting used to this by now. I even came up with an appropriate title already: The first and probably the last time I saw Goodfellas. Now that's the spirit. Let's get crackin'. I hope this is now a very long movie.

21:34 ... No such luck. Two hours and nineteen minutes. What a surprise. Well, if I'm a really good girl I'll be done by midnight and all this will be only a bad memory.

21:38 Oh it's set in New York! Hopefully the whole movie is about them prancing around Central Park. Isn't that what mob bosses do? Or gangsters, or whatever these people are.

21:41 Oh, this is one of these lovely and violent movies! Hurray!

22:11 I'm not buying that the stupid thug from Home Alone is a badass mobster. And I'm a bit bored. But at least this is no Godfather. No Central Park yet, boo!

22:37 There's too much testosterone in the movie. Blah. Violence is so freaking nice and masculine, yeah, hurray, keep hitting each other, that's fun.

23:16 Oh, yay, only 45 minutes left. Time is flying, while I'm facebooking, cutting my nails and plugging my eyebrows. Watching movies like this makes me productive.

23:29 These guys say 'fuck' way too much. I mean, I like when people say 'fuck', like they do in In Bruges. But come one.

23:34 Ah, thank you! Thank you for shooting that guy, he annoyed me so much.

00:08 Oh well. There's no need to change the title. Though I might drop the 'probably'. I don't know why I keep making myself watch these movies I know I'm not going to like. Mob bosses and violence and cursing and idiotic, stubborn men. Not my cup of tea. Except if it takes place in Bruges.


Pia said...

Ahahaha, what a great "review"... :D

Eeva said...

Yep! There was a time when I actually tried to write proper posts about these movies I didn't get anything out of, but at some point I just gave up ;D